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Our car battery replace service runs in conjunction with our jump start service & as a stand alone solution. Either way, we offer a mobile battery replacement service.


We also operate 365 Days per Year!

Getting yourself and car to safety is our priority. At East Coast Recovery, we’ve got you covered all the way!


Fully Insured

All the relevant doccumentation is in place to ensure you have no concerns!

Qualified Staff

Our staff know all there is to know regarding mobile battery replacement battery services.


We arrive to your breakdown situation fully equipped with all the tools we need.

Safety First

We operate under strict policy guidelines. We will never compramise on safety. 


Whether you find yourself stranded at the side of the road because the car wont start or, you know you are in need of a new car battery and have searched ‘car battery replacement near me’ our mobile battery replacements might just be a solution for you.

All you need to do is call us, we will be with you in no time at all. If you request a new car battery all we require is your registration number or vehicle make and model. If we do not have the battery in stock, we will acquire one for you and replace your old one on site.

Your vehicles battery is a critical component and generally speaking has a lifespan of around 3 to 5 years. It is definitely a serviceable part and will need a car battery replace service somewhere around this time.

If you turn the key in the ignition and nothing happens its normally a very good sign a jump start car service or a new car battery is required.

Changing Car Battery

It might seem that this is a simple process but it can be fraught in complexity. Vehicles differ and therefore power outputs will also be different. Batteries are conductors of electricity and are extremely dangerous to the cars electrical system. If installed incorrectly, they can also cause fire and explosions. We have had encounters of damaged ECU’s (Engine Control Units) which are very expensive to replace all because the wrong battery was used or it was installed incorrectly. Either way, it resulted in a new car battery versus car battery cost an absolute nightmare for the car owners.


We operate nationwide and our expert technicians have all the knowledge thats is required to safely and competently replace a car battery.


Professional Car Battery Replace


Mobile Battery Replacement Service


Car Battery Fitting 24/7


Qualified Mechanics On Site


On Time Arrivals


On Site Car Battery Replacements

We also provide an on the spot Car Battery Replace Service. When we arrive we will test the battery. If it is at end of life we can sometimes replace it on the spot.

Mobile battery replacements
Jump start battery

tried & Trusted

East Coast Recovery have been providing car battery replace srvices to members of the public for over 20 years. A large fleet means we have quicker response times and wider coverage areas.


When it comes to your cars battery rescue we are not only proud to say we operate safely and professionally but also that we are fully compliant in all areas!


AVRO Certified Drivers


Certified & Qualified Mechanics


Irish Hauliers Association Members


PAS 43 Certified Recovery Trucks


Full Recovery & Breakdown Assistance Insurance

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