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We are a 24 hour Dublin Tow Truck Company

Specialising in breakdown assistance, our comprehensive Car Towing Service and Recovery Truck solutions are here to ensure you get back on the road swiftly and securely.

Whether you find yourself stranded due to a mechanical failure or need assistance after an accident, our dedicated team is ready to provide reliable and efficient support. Count on us for expert towing services and a swift recovery, because your peace of mind is our top priority!


Towing Service Plus Roadside Recovery


Fully Trained Breakdown Assistance Professionals


Our Operators Have Vast Mechanical Knowledge


City And Nationwide Recovery Truck Services


Roadside Assistance In 40 Minutes Or Less

Car Towing 7 Days A Week

As a well-equipped towing service in Dublin, we come to your location fully prepared, armed with a diverse array of tools that span from tire puncture repair kits to advanced diagnostic equipment.


Tow Truck Dublin


Fuel replace


Mobile Jump Start Service


Ran out of fuel top up service


Airport jump start services


Car battery replacement service


Get a tow truck quote on line

Simplify the process of obtaining a tow truck quote with our online service. Enjoy the convenience of a hassle-free experience by completing the necessary details on our website, and we’ll promptly provide you with a complimentary quote.


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Competitive Tow Truck Quotes


24/7 Car Recovery & Roadside Assistance


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Discover the effortless way to reach a Tow Truck Dublin operator!

At East Coast Recovery, we prioritise responsiveness across various communication channels. Whether you’re seeking a quote for a tow truck or prefer reaching out through social media or traditional contact methods, we’ve got you covered.

“Tow Truck Near Me You Search”?

Chances are, we’ve got you covered. Boasting a large fleet, our roadside assistance service is likely to be in close proximity to your location.

Rest assured, help may be just around the corner!


Car Tow Truck Dublin

Dublin’s leading recovery truck service boasts an extensive fleet of tow trucks and breakdown assistance vehicles, ensuring prompt response to your emergencies. Experience reduced waiting times for car towing – good news for you.

Starting from €60


Battery Replace

Frequently, we assist customers whose vehicles face starting issues, attributed to various factors like damp terminals and cold weather. Yet, a common culprit is a dead battery. Fortunately, in many instances, we can promptly replace the battery on-site.

Starting from €70


Jump Start Service

When faced with start failures attributed to mere cold weather or damp terminals, leading to a drained battery, we can effectively utilise a start pack to jump-start your car. Our assistance extends beyond towing; we specialize in getting your vehicle back on the road.


Starting from €50



The car towing service sector demands a level of professionalism comparable to that of emergency blue light services. The expertise needed for offering breakdown assistance is frequently utilised in precarious road and motorway traffic scenarios. Hence, in the realm of vehicle recovery in Dublin, our guiding principle has consistently prioritised the safety of both customers and employees, and this commitment remains unwavering.

Fast Recovery Truck Service in Dublin City

Situated along the Swords Road, a crucial artery to North County Dublin and the airport, we’re conveniently positioned just 5 minutes away from the M50 motorway.

This strategic location provides East Coast Recovery with a unique edge in roadside assistance, allowing us to swiftly reach your breakdown point on the M50, ensuring prompt and efficient service.


24 Hour Tow Truck Dublin Assistance


Motorbike Recovery


Unusual Load Transportation


Farm Machinery Recovery

Car Towing Assistance Testimonials

” Was broken down there at the shopping centre and could not find a tow truck near me. Got these guys on line and they were with me in 30 minutes. Happy with the recovery towing services they provided on the day “

John Masterson

The car wouldn’t start because the battery was dead. The breakdown and recovery company were able to provide us with a jump start service and some good advice about the state of the battery in the car too. Would have no problem recommending this company

Francis Adams

” Thank you Gerry for your help your kindnesses and positive attitude. That day was a bad one for me and you made it better ! Excellent car towing service

Mical russo

car recovery FaQ

How much does a car tow cost?

Generally speaking, our car tow prices start at €50. There are many reasons why this price could increase including, the distance to be travelled, carbon fibre body work and weight etc.

Do you offer roadside assistance?

Yes, indeed we do. Also referred to as ‘breakdown assistance’ if we can get you on the road again without having to tow, we are happy to do so.

Do you provide mobile jump start services?

Yes we do! It is needless to say this service is very popular in wintertime. Cold weather and old batteries are not a great combination. Our jump starts are quick and affordable.

Do you replace car batteries?

We do, all the time! Often when we assess why the car wont start we discover the battery is too old and has died altogether. Quite often we can battery replace right on the spot!

Do tow trucks accept credit cards?

Yes absolutely. We take credit and debit cards at the roadside.

Do tow trucks take you home?

Yes we can do this. If you are having your vehicle dropped back to your home we can take you too.

Do you tow vintage & classic cars

Yes we do and we are all to aware about the extra care involved when providing vintage car transport

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